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LED is a way to convert electrical energy into light energy of the semiconductor, it changed the principle of the three-color dye incandescent tungsten light with energy-saving lamps light, while the use of the EL. According to the analysis, the characteristics of the LED is very obvious, long life, high luminous efficiency, low radiation and low power consumption. White LED spectrum almost entirely concentrated in the visible light spectrum, and its luminous efficiency more than 150lm / W (2010 years). LED and incandescent spiral energy-saving lamps and T5 trichromatic fluorescent contrast: ordinary incandescent light efficiency 12lm / W, life expectancy is less than 2000 hours, spiral energy saving lamp luminous efficiency of 60lm / W, life less than 8000 hours, T5 fluorescent lamps compared to 96lm / W, life of about 10,000 hours, and a diameter of 5 mm white LED luminous efficiency can theoretically more than 150lm / W, life can be more than 100,000 hours. It was also predicted that the maximum LED life in the future will be infinite. With LED cooling technology improvements, outdoor lighting, LED lights, spot lights and other high-power LED lighting has achieved industrialization production began to be a large number of applications. Stage lights, studio lights, interior lighting with high color temperature and color rendering requirements also have mass production and put into application. Scope dosage largest general lighting T8, T5, T4 lamps and Edison bulb lights instead of incandescent and energy-saving lamps have formed series, service life up to 50,000 hours. LED lighting has entered a period of rapid development.
Occasions based on the use of a strange, strange shape-scale heat plan and luminous role. LED packaging a variety of ways. Current, LED package classification prime Lamp-LED, TOP-LED, Side-LED, SMD-LED, High-Power-LED, Flip Chip-LED
lamp-led encapsulation process flow diagram

Lamp-LED (vertical LED)
Lamp-LED early rendered inline LED, the chosen potting its packaging. The potting process is the first LED molding mold cavity into the liquid epoxy resin, and then pierce the pressure welding good LED holder, placed in an oven to allow the epoxy resin after curing, the LED detached from the mold cavity i.e. molding. Since the production process is relatively simple, low cost, has a higher market share.
SMD LED is affixed to the circuit board appearance, suitable for SMT processing, can reflow. Brightness, viewing angle, flatness, reliability, consistency is a good deal, the choice of the the lighter PCB board and a reflective layer material, improved to remove the heavy carbon steel material pin DIP LED, so less apparent reflective layer needs filled epoxy, the intention is to reduce the scale, a decrease component. SMD LED can easily product components to reduce by half, eventually make use of even more perfect.
Side-LED (side emitting LED)
The LED package another number next to surface emitting package. If they wanted to use the LED when the LCD (liquid crystal show), backlit light source, the LED next to the surface emitting need with the appearance of light-emitting LCD backlight light emitting uniform. Of course, the use of the portrayal of the lead frame, can also reach the the next surface emitting intent, but the effect of thermal bad. However, Lumileds create mirror depicting appearance LED light mirror principle of hair into a side light, high power LED used in large-scale LCD backlight module.
TOP-LED (top-emitting LED)
The top-emitting LED is a a common chip light-emitting diode. Backlighting and status indicators in primary used in multi-functional ultra-thin phone and PDA.
High-Power-LED (high power LED)
In order to obtain high power, high brightness LED light source, manufacturers in the LED chip and package depicts to carry out high-power direction. To accept the number of W power LED package has been presented. For example Norlux series high-power LED package layout for the the hexagonal aluminum plate for the base (so that it does not conductive) the combination of multi-chip, base diameter of 31.75mm, light-emitting area located right heart parts, diameter approximately (0.375 × 25.4) mm inclusive of 40 LED die, aluminum as a heat sink. This package optional practice die combination of high-density packaging, high light emitting power, low thermal resistance, the higher the optical output power under a large current, is also a development prospects of LED solid-state light source.
Be seen, the thermal characteristics of the power-type LED direct impact to the working temperature of the LED, the light emitting power, emission wavelength, application life, and therefore, the power-type LED chip packaging depicted making skills become increasingly important.
Flip Chip-LED (flip-chip LED)
LED flip chip package layout is basically in the PCB system has a plurality of perforations, each perforation at the side of the substrate has two strange areas and mutually open conductive material and the conductive material is tiled in substrate the appearance of a plurality of non-encapsulated LED chip is placed at each perforation on the side having a conductive raw material, the positive electrode and the negative contact of the single LED chip is using solder balls to connect a conductive material with the appearance of the substrate, respectively, and the appearance of the plurality of LED chips facing the side of the perforation are point sealed plastic transparent materials, the sealant is located each perforation was half sphere shape. Attributed to the flip-chip layout of the light-emitting diode.

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