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  Cooper Lighting is located in a "lights are China," renowned ancient town is located in the development, production, marketing, engineering construction in a body specialized green lighting technology enterprises.

  The strength of the company, has specialized product design and development engineers, first-class production team of technical and professional customers, provide a sound marketing network and after-sales service.

  Profile: rainbow of various types of LED, LED high-power, LED light box, LED fiber optic lights, LED digital control, LED parapet of, LED dual-color screen, stage lights, LED underwater lights, LED lights network, LED string lights , LED display and various kinds of LED products. Products are widely used in home decoration, the outline of the bridge construction, urban plazas and parks, villas Villa Lianghua landscaping.

  Company legislation on integrity management, focus on a win-win situation, the customer first. We will continue the learning and innovation, enterprises now full from top to bottom morale, confidence, the cause of growing and developing rapidly. We have the spirit of a people-oriented, respect for customers, the pursuit of excellence, with virtue wide. We wish the new and old customers, the Four Seas friends, as always, support us, mutual benefit and cooperation, create brilliant lights tomorrow.

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